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Rewards of treacherous roads
Debbie writes... A real treat to end the day is an ice-cold local beer ... or two ... or four!! At 2.40 for 4 bottles (600ml), this is simply the best way to quench the humid thirst. The local '33' beer gets the thumbs up from all :-)

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Cameroon "33" Export beer


Muddy roads...

...prove tough for lorries

Hoping the worst of the roads were behind us, we soon realised that there were more to come! Making way for a group of lorries, one of them lost traction and slipped into the side ditch. There was a commotion between the other drivers as they tried to pull the lorry out of the slippery ditch. See video clip for action!

Check it out first...!

Mt Cameroon in the distance

Persevering with the treacherous road, we were soon rewarded with stunning scenery of lush jungle and the majestic Mt Cameroon (4,098m).

Another 'Camel Trophy' photo

Pamol palm-oil farm

Between the two vehicles, we have four sets of maps - but only one map, the French IGN map of Cameroon had a road between the towns of Mbonge and the coastal town of Idenao.  We decided that this was the route we would take...

Using the GPS Track-Log function and the digital IGN map, we overlayed our route onto the map.  Our route, in red below, tracked us neatly along the French map.  Its a great route but is limited to vehicles under 7 Tons. Initially the road was a mud pond (see pics above) but eventually narrowed to a single lane through high Elephant grass. 

Our route (in Red) from Mbonge (centre left) South to Limbe

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