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Puff, Gary & Courtney
Martin writes... Puff, aged 34, is no Magic Dragon, rather she is a Series III Land Rover who has completed as many trips as our Landy.  Slight difference in age, but she keeps 'puffing' on.

I was first introduced to this Landy back in 1999 when Dennis Wilson (www.african-edventure.org) headed North from South Africa to the UK.  Dennis ventured to places where no 'Puff' had been before.

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Video: Gary & Courtney chat about Puff

And then in 2003, Murray & Moira (www.africansnail.co.uk) ventured into Puff's life... and once again this Landy began the trip back to SA via West and Central Africa. 

And now in November 2005, we bump into her new owners at the Landy Garage in Lilongwe.  Gary & Courtney are heading North to Kenya, and then looping back to South Africa where they will sell her and then fly to Australia to complete their studies. 

Gary & Courtney

Contemplating 'Puff'

The ladies discuss repairs...

...whilst Gary does the work! :-)

Puff's Interior

Only 2.25 Petrol engine!

Looking for a good Series III Land Rover equipped with winch, Rooftent, Fridge and loads of spares?  If so, drop me an email!

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