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The snowy passes of the High Atlas
Martin writes... Travelling from El Ksiba towards the Todra Gorge means that you have to traverse the High Atlas mountain range. It was a fantastic experience travelling in this remote part of Morocco. We had started the day at 1,000m above sea level (asl) and eventually peaked around the 2,400m mark.  Mostly we had the road to ourselves but once every 20km we would see a truck coming towards us.

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Trying to put my thoughts onto paper is pretty difficult so I will leave you with a few pictures and the thought that Debbie will be updating the pages shortly.



Somewhere out there...

A lake at 2,300m ASL

Breathless Beauty
Debbie writes ... mountains have a awesome presence and the Atlas mountains certainly exceeded our expectations! Driving up the numerous passes we were left in utter amazement at the sheer beauty. There were moments where we felt totally overwhelmed and had to stop to absorb the scenery in silence. This continued for the entire day ... indeed a privilege to experience.  



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