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17 July 2004 - Billing Land Rover Show
It was time for the annual Land Rover Enthusiast Billing show. This is the largest Land Rover show (in the world?) hosting over 4000 Land Rovers throughout the weekend.

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In 1999 Andy & Jacqui set out in Punda (their Discovery) for an overland trip from the UK to South Africa. After the trip was complete, Jacqui published a few articles in the Land Rover Enthusiast magazine. As a result, they were invited to host an overland stand at Billing. (Andy & Jacqui's website: www.overlandy.co.uk).

Our Overland Stand offering free advice and travel route updates, along with vehicle prep and equipment reviews.
Punda on the Left and Maggie on the right

Throughout the weekend we hosted many people over a cuppa tea and discussed the endless topic of overland travel. Its an easy topic to get carried away and we sure did! Every topic under the sun was discuss, debated and made to confuse with the many options available! 

Andy and Dave investigating the Discovery's propshaft issue Jacqui taking time out

The weekend gave us the opportunity to explore Billing and to reach deep into our pockets for those few essential items. Maggie received new seats, side lockers and cupboards for the rear. Punda received a new propshaft and a new webastor heater!

The Best4x4xfar? The Engel fridge tested over the weekend proved to be an excellent buy.




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