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Dual Battery system

The two batteries that Maggie supports are linked together via a split-charge system. This method of running dual batteries allows the alternator to charge the primary and the secondary battery.

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Dual Battery setup


I am using a standard 50Amp battery as the primary. This battery will be used purely for starting Maggie. The deep-cycle battery will support the fridge and any additional devices (like charging batteries.

The two batteries. Left battery (black) is the primary battery and the right battery (yellow) is the secondary.

The battery housing under the passenger seat

A major benefit to this system is the cost. To implement a split charge system costs a fraction compared to the fancy dual battery monitoring systems. Its drawback is the lack of cut-off switch and the monitoring of the battery loads.

To monitor the battery voltage, I have fitted a battery volt meter into the dash board of Maggie so that I can monitor the voltage levels of each battery.
The volt meter is connected to a 3-way switch allowing me to monitor each battery.

The 3-way switch mounted on the fuse box

The volt meter embedded in the dash board (far right dial)

Components used to monitor the batteries:

3-way switch (Halfords)
Volt Meter (Halfords)
Wire (Halfords)

Total cost: 35


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