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The Land Rover - Q803 OST
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Maggie, as she was referred to by Richard & Colin, has completed three overland trips - the first trip, completed by Richard & Jo Hepper in 1998, was a 4-month trip from the UK to SA.
Colin bought the Landy in 2000 and spent 2 years in Africa having shipped from Jordan to Cape Town as Sudan's border was closed. He then married Wendy, had the Defender 90 (short wheel base) converted to a Defender 110 (long wheel base) and spent 6 months on honeymoon in Africa. Highlights included the Wildebeest migration, Van Zyl's pass and endless sunsets - all this before shipping the Land Rover back to the UK from Cape Town.

Jo Hepper sitting on the newly-purchased Land Rover
Soon to be equipped for overland travel
Richard Hepper - Land Rover Defender 90
Photo taken in Kenya by Richard Hepper
Colin Clements - Land Rover Defender 90
Photo taken in Namibia by Colin Clements
Colin Clements - Land Rover Defender 110
Maggie - now a 110 in Botswana
The many 'faces' of the Land Rover called Maggie

Now it's our turn to take the vehicle. The Landy is in good condition for its age - the engine has had 140 000miles which was a slight concern, but to Colin's credit, he has looked after 'Maggie' very well.
The gear box and transfer box were rebuilt in South Africa in 2002 - both items are strong.
A major advantage is the equipment that comes with it - a tent, awning and a fridge along with the usual water filters, sand ladders, and high lift jack.
There are a few things that need to be done - new bonnet to hold a spare wheel, new soundproofing (essential in a Defender), 2nd battery but those are minor compared to starting an overland project with a new vehicle. Click to view the original Defender 90

Click to read more about Colin's overland trip.


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