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Maggie - The Technical Issues

Here is a log of all the technical issues that we have experienced with Maggie. Click on the date to read more about the issue and how it was resolved.

As of June 2005, these are the only issues we have had with the Land Rover - its great testament to Colin, the previous owner on how well he looked after the Land Rover.

Date Symptom Cause Fix
26 October 2005 Failed Starter Motor Old Age (or to much usage) Replaced with spare starter motor we took with from the UK.
28 September 2005 Wheel Wobbles Loose wheel Bearings Strip and tighten all the loose bolts that the garage failed to correct first time
07 September 2005 Leaking injector pump Old age ?? Over to a garage to strip and repair the pump! Grrrrr - everything seems to be going wrong in Kenya!
02 September 2005 Load clunking noise Worn UJ on rear propshaft Replaced the UJ
31 August 2005 Over heating Something to do with radiator Over to Ndovu.* The radiators Core needed replacing.
31 August 2005 Leaking power steering Power Steering pump Over to Ndovu.* Replaced PS pump.
29 July 2005 Stuffed steering box Old Age (and Angolan roads) Over to Ndovu.* New Power Steering fitted.
29 July 2005 Bad suspension Old Age Over to Ndovu.* (garage in Nairobi). Replaced all shocks & springs (Big Bucks!!)
June 2005 Hole in exhaust Old Age Got a garage to fix it in Namibia
30 March 2005 Leaking hub seal Old Age Replaced the oil seal with Luca in Burkina Faso
09 January 2005 Flat Tyre Not sure what caused the puncture Replaced the flat tyre with the spare.
23 December 2004 Leaking fuel Pipe loose on injector Cable ties!
20 November 2004 Leaking Transfer Box Old Age Old oil seal needed replacing
16 November 2004 Failed clutch Leaking fluid into Bell housing A trip to Dunsfold Land Rovers
14 August 2004 Flat Battery Interior fan running Jumper cables!
08 July 2004 No clutch Clutch reservoir empty due to a leak in the system Solved by bleeding the master & slave cylinders

* Ndovu (Suspension & Holding) are located off Uhuru highway in Nairobi.  Very professional, with good staff who do a thorough job! Well worth getting stuff done whilst in Nairobi!  Although, most spares where cheaper in the UK!





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