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Visa Information
We applied for our visas at the following places:

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Country Place of Issue Additional Information
Morocco Border  (no visa required)  
Mauritania Casablanca  
Mali Rabat  
Burkina Faso Rabat / Bamako  
Ghana Bamako, Mali More Info
Congo (Brazzaville) Bamako, Mali More Info
Nigeria Accra, Ghana More Info
Nigeria Cotonou, Benin More Info
Cameroon Calabar, Nigeria More Info
Gabon Yaounde, Cameroon More Info
DRC Yaounde, Cameroon More Info
Angolan (Cabinda) Point Noire, Congo More Info
Angolan (Luanda) Matadi, DRC More Info
Namibia Border (no visa required)  
Botswana Border (no visa required)  
Zambia Border - US$80  
Tanzania Lusaka, Zambia More Info
Kenya Border - US$50  
Uganda Border - US$30  
Malawi Border (no visa required)  
Mozambique Lilongwe, Malawi More Info
South Africa Border (no visa required)  


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