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Cabinda and into DRC
With our Angolan transit visas firmly pasted into our passports, we bid a sad farewell to Johan (and Impi) and took the road south straight for the Angolan enclave of Cabinda.  The border crossing was very smooth and within four hours of departing Pointe Noire we arrived in the capital.

Cabinda has a very 'Portuguese' feel to it.  The architecture and the language differed considerably to French Africa.

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A very peaceful 6am wake-up call thanks to the Catholic Mission choir - with another border crossing waiting for us, we quickly packed up and headed for the border. Within 20km we had reached the border where the formalities were easy although a little time consuming.


Catholic Mission in Cabinda

Young church-goers pose

DRC Roads

Good thing it is the dry season!



A very typical (overloaded) lorry


Bombed out army tank

Debbie looks disgusted!

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