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Tyre Compressor

An essential item to the equipment list, is a tyre compressor. Lowering tyre pressures in muddy and sandy conditions greatly increases the wheels traction. Normal tyre pressure would normally sink in and spin a deeper hole, yet lowering the tyre pressure increases the tyres ground cover thus giving more traction.

Most Land Rover tyres can be lowered to about 1bar (2bar or above being normal). A soft tyre is not recommended for travel on hard surfaces (gravel or tar roads) as this increases the tyres heat and causes traction loss especially on corning.
The tyre compressor fitted to Maggie gives us the flexibility to quickly and effectively inflate the tyres.

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The Tyre Compressor

The Tyre Compressor fitted to the Land Rover

The engine mounted air Compressor The air hose connected to the air compressor



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