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Sound Proofing - 8 August 2004

There is a clear linear line from the very first Series I Land Rover to the latest Defender. They all have one thing in common - and that's noise!  To try and reduce some of the noise I fitted a sound proofing matt system.

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The job was not as easy as I had expected.  The sound proofing kit consisted of three parts - bulk head cover, seat box cover and the floorboard cover. 

The seat box cover took the most time - each seat and cubby box had to be removed, along with the battery lid and gear box access lid.  The lids had to be removed so that I could gain access to the seat retaining bolts.

Removing the hand brake There should be seats somewhere! All the seats had to be removed and access gained to the remaining bolts

A few hours later, the seat box cover was fitted and the seats bolted back in.


The cost:

Sound proofing - 200
Time: 6hours!



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