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Meet a few of the overlanders we have met...

Gary & Courtney - We met them at the Land Rover Garage in Lilongwe. They are heading North to Kenya driving the magical Puff!
Date met: 04 November 2005
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Johan & Wilhelmine - Met on the road from Monkey Bay, Malawi. They are heading South for SA from Kenya. This is a small trip for them, as they have completed South to North America!
Date met: 02 November 2005
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Mike & Jackie - First Mauritania, then many months later, Malawi. No website yet but they sure do travel!
Date met: 29 October 2005 (2nd Time)
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Afrika Dalemans - Jeroen and Marie have travelled from Belgium, via Middle East through Egypt, Sudan etc.  We met them at the Naivasha River campsite, Kenya.
Date met: 05 October 2005
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Retourtje-Kaapstad - Emiel and Yolande have travelled from Holland, via Middle East.  We met them at Red Chilly's Backpackers, Kampala.
Date met: 21 September 2005
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Kids 'n All - Flo, Helene and the two young boys make a full load for their Land Rover!
Date met: 15 September 2005
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Tusk till Dawn - Alan & Sandy are heading North in the Unimog. We met them in Arusha just before our Mt Kilimanjaro trek.
Date met: 18 August 2005
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Vice & Dani - On the road to Namanga (Ke-Tz border), Vice & Dani were cycling. Driving in the Landy made us feel rather unfit and lazy!
Date met: 18 August 2005
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Rob & AC Over Africa - on a lonely road through Angola, we bumped into Rob and Anne Clare.  They were heading North whilst we headed South. A quick Mozi infested evening together!
Date met: 11 June 2005
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Geu-on-tour - We met Swantje and Arthur on the Pointe Noire (Congo) beach whilst waiting for our Angolan visas! Fab truck!
Date met: 26 May 2005
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Gateway 2 Africa - Ben and Christine Gateway 2 Africa - After meeting Ben & Christine in 2002 at the RGS Explore conference, we finally meet again in Nigeria. Our time frame is similar so we team up for the Central Africa route.
Date met: 04 May 2005
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Africa Wanderer - Steve & Michelle Africa Wanderer - Steve & Michelle departed UK shores in January 2005. We joined up with them in Southern Spain and spent a memorable two months together. Fantastic couple - make an effort to meet them!!
Date met: 25 January 2005
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The Africa Overland Network - providing a catalog of independent Overland websites Interested in reading more about overland trips, then click on The Africa Overland Network logo.
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A huge thanks to Colin and Wendy for providing Debbie and I a chance to live our dream. Good care will be taken of Maggie :-)
Heading to Scotland? Be sure to visit Colin & Wendy at the Pines Guesthouse.
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