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21 August 2004 - The French Connection

We departed the UK exactly on plan (not bad hey!) and eventually a few hours later we drove on board the Eurotunnel for our 'French Connection'. Martin had his visa (for France) all ready to show to passport control but we were not even asked or stopped! He felt like a proper citizen of a country rather than a homeless third-world child who constantly needs visas!

The French roads proved to be outstanding. We had heard many rumours about the expensive toll system in place, but this did not complicate matters. Driving on the right was easier enough thanks to the passenger keeping a lookout when entering roads.  The French road systems utilise variable speeds depending on the weather. No problem for Maggie, the Land Rover - she cruised along at 65mph comfortably.

Welcome to France

Two maximum speed limits

After a full 12 hours, not every minute spend driving, we arriving in the very pretty village of Souillac. Our campsite was nestled in a valley with a small stream following through the campsite.  Our first priority was to get the tent set-up so that we could eat and have an afternoon snooze after our marathon driving session.

Campsite 'La Draille' rates as one of the cleanest and neatest campsites we have ever been to. The campsite is run by a Dutch couple and offers the usual restaurant, bar and swimming facilities we found in many French campsites.

Debs preparing lunch Our basic campsite


One very old Dutch bike! The old Barn







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