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23 August 2004 - Andorra Bound
We had arranged to meet our friends, Sam & Linda in a campsite near the village of Aurignac (South of Toulouse) before heading to Andorra. Sam and Linda had staked out a camping spot so when we arrived, it was a simple matter of setting up the tent and relaxing with a glass of Spanish cider.
We departed our Aurignac campsite just after a breakfast of croissants. Our destination was Andorra and a village called Soldeu.
Andorran Roads

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The Campsite in Aurignac

Sam & Linda

We passed through the French village called Foix with its outstanding architecture.

The Town of Foix Castle

To reach the Principality of Andorra, we needed to drive up the steep Pyrenean mountain passes (eventually reaching 2300m above sea level!).  The two Defenders performed well but we did hold the traffic up along with managing to puff huge amounts of black diesel smoke. This is due to the vehicles being serviced at sea level and affectively being starved of air at altitude.

Elsa, the Land Rover puffing up the steep Pyrenean roads Our first traffic jam near Andorra

The village of Soldeu caters for the ski season but there is one campsite in the village which is open during the summer months.

Roof tiles! No snowboarding in the town (or is that no overtaking?


Campsite in Andorra The entrance to the campsite





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