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The Budgets and Costs
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The costs associated with an overland trip often run into tens of thousands of Pounds, yet for the independent traveller (like us) without corporate sponsorship, this often means careful planning around budgets and trip costs. Our trip has limited funds so this page has been created to provide a snapshot of the type of expenses incurred in funding an overland trip.

In March 2004, we committed ourselves to a launch date of January 2005, which meant, with planning we would have sufficient time to source essential equipment for the trip.

Take a look at the following:

January to June 2005 Update - We have just reached Namibia after five months of travel through West and Central Africa.
Financial summary as follows:

We have spent just under 3000GB Pounds - broken down as follows:

1000 - Fuel (2560 litres)
1000 - Visas (for the two of us - most visas are now paid for)
100 - Camping (if that... we bushcamped most nights)
100 - Tourist related stuff. Not much on offer in Western and Central Africa
800 - Food! 

That's it for the June update... but here comes the July to November 2005 update...

1000 - Fuel (2200 litres)
200 - Visas for East Afica
1000 - Camping (average US$10 per night) - we have not bushcamped since being in East Africa
1500 - Vehicle repairs - see Land Rover Technical Page
1000 - Food - spent plenty of time in Shoprite buying expat food!
2500 - Tourist related stuff - Rafting, trekking, Game reserves... the list is endless and expensive!

Here's my (Martin's) option:  If on a tight budget, skip the East coast route and only travel through Western and Central Africa. 



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