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Rear Packing system

A Land Rover Defender 110 hardtop (i.e. Maggie) has ample space in the rear if organised! Over the Billing weekend, I managed to find two ex-army wooden boxes. These boxes were the perfect fit for a set of cupboards in the rear.

Firstly all the 'junk' had to be removed so that the juggling of the kit could be sorted out.  Packing is like a jigsaw puzzle - everything has its place, but you have to find it first!

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The packed cupboards

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Time to sort the rear out!

Dave giving the rear a good blast with the jetwash

The jetwashing continues...

The left side of the vehicle was easy to sort out as the cupboard fitted perfectly. There was even enough space to fit a water jerry can.
The right side proved a little trickier as I had to disconnect the water filter system and move it to the left.  Once that was done, the cupboard slotted in.

A very clean rear!

The Brownchurch water Filter system relocated from the right to the left. Water jerry can provides the unfiltered water.

The cupboards provide excellent storage space. The photos below were based on the first design.  When both cupboards were open, it proved very difficult to move in the back.

The left side. The grey cupboard will be used for clothing.

The right rear - the cupboard will be used for food.

Update - Sunday 8th August 2004

The layout of the cupboards (above pics) did not work, so I moved the left cupboard to the right.  This allows for both cupboards to be opened simultanously.

The cupboards closed

The 'Food' cupboard with two shelves.

Update - Friday 13th August 2004

The cupboards got used for the first time (Sleepless in the Saddle Mountain bike race). I was very impressed with the amount of space provided and the ease of access.

The cupboards open and packed with food and clothing.
Item on the left is the Engel Fridge



Items used:

Cupboards - modified ex-army boxes (bought at Billing) - 40
Wood for Shelving - 20
Loads of drilling & time!

Time: 6 Hours

A huge thanks to Dave for all his assistance. The cupboard job took a whole Saturday to do!




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