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Side Lockers - 6 August 2004

Land Rover Defenders are one of the most versatile vehicles available - expedition kit ranges from long range fuel tanks, dual battery systems, snorkels and the very popular roofrack. Although roofracks serve an excellent role for hosting tents and the odd box of spares, you often see them overloaded with heavy equipment.

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A key consideration when designing an overland vehicle is to make sure the centre of gravity is kept low.  Overloaded roofracks lift the centre of gravity on the vehicle causing it to become very unstable at speed and in cornering.  This can lead to the vehicle rolling and often does!

To keep the weight in the Land Rover as low as possible, we decided to fit two side lockers.  Each locker is big enough to fit two jerry cans (20L each) therefore removing about 80kg off the roof.

Foley's Land Rover supplied and fitted the lockers after I decided the job was slightly to complex for me!


The very well known Foley sign

The Foley workshop!

Its never a cheap option getting someone to do the work for you, but I will add that Richard (from Foley's) did an outstanding job on sizing, cutting and fitting the lockers. Many thanks Richard! 

Once the hole had been cut, each locker was fitted and pop-riveted in. A stabilising bracket was fitting under the locker and on the side.

The completed work was excellent. Richard did a fantastic job and was very patient with me hanging around and asking loads of questions!


The cost:

Side lockers - 125 each (Billing Land Rover show price)
Labour - 160

Interest in knowing more about Foley's? Click on the link below.

Foley Specialist Vehicles - UK



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